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December 29, 2017

Solar Lamp Posts Are Beautiful And Environmentally Friendly

With the constant endeavour to save the environment, there is a continuous need for humans to look at and utilise alternate sources of power than electricity obtained from hydel and thermal power stations. One of the alternate sources of power is solar power that is available in abundance in areas that have bright sunlight. Solar lamp posts are the answer to illuminating walkways as well as the yard outside the house and it is also being used in some cities to light up streets. This will certainly be great for the environment as generation of power from rivers or coal will be not required; there will be less consumption of these natural resources and additionally, there will be lesser residue during and after generation of power from these resources. sunlight lamp

Lights in the solar lamp post require no wiring and are thus portable. They are composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel and a rechargeable battery. They can be placed anywhere. It also does not require any kind of maintenance. In fact it will shine with a bright light outdoors and is just the right thing to light up a yard or driveway or near swimming pools. It looks good as the post is usually made of a dark metal that contrasts well with the bright light. Most solar lamp posts have lights that make them look unique and beautiful with nice accents and finishes that give them the extra zing. The lamp post can be designed according to your specifications to suit the decor outdoors or match well with the courtyard. They can even be made in animal shapes. There might be some dimming during days that the sun does not shine brightly, but otherwise, these lamps are perfect for the outdoors e.g. decks, patios and pathways.

Solar lamp posts are solar powered and hence, can be easily installed anywhere; more so because no electrical wiring is required. This is huge saving in any household’s expenses. The lamp posts are weatherproof and quite resilient in almost all regions of the country. They can withstand any kind of harsh climate. Each lamp post has the solar light fixture perched on the top of the post to enable it to directly face the sun without any obstruction to obtain the maximum exposure and good quality energy intake. Besides, they cost less than the traditional electricity powered lamp posts.Solar lights and solar lamp posts are used mainly for decoration and are available in a large variety of designs. Normally solar lights recharge during the day when the sun is shining. They turn on automatically at dusk, though some of them require to be switched on or off. These lights will remain illuminated throughout the night or for almost 8 to 10 hours depending on the amount of charging it was able to do.